Flexible labels

Labels made of BOPP flexible materials, of various widths (we can print and laminate materials with a width as small as 12 microns). Our labels are printed with UV inks which ensure the high quality of the print and resistance in time of the colour, all these being qualities which are mandatory for this type of labels. These labels can be supplied in rolls of various sizes so as to ensure an enhanced productivity for the automatic labelling. Wrap around labels are particularly used in the soft drinks and alcoholic drinks industry and can be opaque, transparent, laminated, polished or not.

Should you have any further queries or should you wish to request an offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: wraparound-labels@seenprint.com

Shrink sleeve labels

These labels are made of PVC, with different degrees of contractibility, depending on their exposure to certain temperatures over a certain period of time. They ensure the product with a unitary appearance, with the possibility to convey a large amount of information to the final customer, respectively, while also allowing the design of an image which could emphasize your product among the competitors products.